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Tips for your bicycle voyage with children

If your first time planning a cycling trip with child (ren), please consider that it is a new experience for your children that will keep them in happy memories. With a realistic assessment of human and material succeed the first time around.

Before the tour

Crucial to the success of a cycling trip with the children routing. Briefly: beware of too much, seems not too much to the children that have all the fun is in the foreground of the tour.

Anyone planning a trip is remote or very foreign territory should inform themselves about local safety regulations (helmets compulsory requirement to wear safety vests, right of way rules, etc.) and also think about the nutrition of children.

If the route and duration of travel is clear, is the careful preparation of the tour.

It goes almost without saying, that the children should not be on the first day of the trip, and suddenly for the first time in her life put on a bicycle seat or in a trailer. Also, the child should have ever spent more than half an hour on the bike or in the trailer. Who has enough time or qualms can also take a sample tour close to home, so with a cancel option. Then it should be clear whether a longer trip is possible or not.

On the road

A clue about the daily routine on a cycling trip with children can be found at routes and daily planning. Further important information can be found on the pages to the topic personal hygiene during a cycling trip. How we wash our clothes, you will find under washing outdoor.

Unfortunately you can not change the weather. Of course, if you have nasty headwind you can not fulfil your daily plan. But rain and sun call for a flexible daily schedule also.

Everyone is talking at the moment about GPS. We do the same and explain to you about the advantages and the disadvantages, especially the orientation using GPS. In the same breath you our discussion of supply all the electrical appliances (lamp, digital camera, GPS device, MP3 player, etc) is with electrical energy from the power grid strongly to heart.


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