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When there is rain

Bad weather is not there, there is only bad clothing. Stupid phrase, but some truth. In case of rain, the mood quickly drops to zero, especially if the prospect is bleak for the coming days.

Waterproof bags

It's no fun when the end of the rainy day, all things are wet in the pockets. So waterproof bags get, best with rolling shutter, which is dense in each pocket position.


The tent must be waterproof. Test first!

We recommend the benefits of a tarps. This one hangs over the entrance of the tent, this preserves the input dry and the tent door also. Thus also in frequent opening of the door of the tent can prevent rain from entering.

Things to pack in the rain

In case of rain, all bags are packed in a tent. The outer tent is because of the high humidity now wet from the rain outside and from the inside due to condensed water vapor. Silicone-coated tents collect because of the way the water Tröpchenbildung more water on its surface than PU-coated tents, there are shows film formation: the water runs out earlier.

After all the bags and all other occupants "thrown" out of the tent were the tent degraders make it, unmount the inner tent. This should be dry, and can therefore also be dry packed. Tent with a cloth, take the coarsest moisture from the inside of the outer tent. Then you build from the tent and packed it on.

Daily routine in the rain

With rain in the morning to get rid of bad experience shows, they bury themselves in the sleeping bags again, hoping that the rain might yet stop. If you have it then but finally done, it is beneficial during the day to make only one meal break. If it's just offered, then raises a large portion of chips, the mood immensely.

Breaks in the rain have such a special charm. If you can not find a bus shelter, the above can serve as a tarp shelter by being somewhere strung between trees or on their own set up with the bar.

Unpack things in the rain

If you have already wrapped up in the morning in the rain, then you have indoor and outdoor tent separately, so first one builds on the outer tent. With the tent cloth is wiped dry, then mounted footprint of the tent. He is attached to the outer tent. Then hangs a the inner tent.

Selection of clothing

Depending on the perception of cold, you can wear in the rain from about 10-15 ° C outdoor temperature, a perceived cycling shorts with sandals and a waterproof jacket. The cycling shorts will then just wet.
If the temperature is lower, you also need a waterproof trousers and shoes especially. In this case, must be respected above all the fact that the rain pants have built-in "booties" so that the water does not run out of the pants into the boots. There are also boots that you pull over your shoes and pants. Thus, the on and off, however, is an ordeal.

As waterproof with us has proven Gore-Tex. The jackets have a life of about five years. Then disconnect after intensive usage often zusammenlaminierten layers from each other. Because of the less frequent use of the pants last longer.

Gore-Tex may be from the outside of water penetration, while moisture can penetrate from the inside to the outside. If one so am on the wet rain gear, that's no problem, after a short time the rain things are again from the inside dry. For shoes that does not work, because the feet do not have enough heat.
Shoes permanently protect from moisture does not work, eventually they will get wet. For drying wet shoes have with us this pocket stove. They work with gasoline and absolutely reliable, easy to light and into the shoe. The next morning, the shoes are dry again. Stay away from cheap imitation products, they do not work properly or are difficult to light ring!

Children freeze very quickly. In Child Trailers they are protected from wind and rain just fine. Again, before the tour, the trailer simply ask once a day in the rain. For some trailers, there are special transparent PVC rain covers for the ride, with no seams, so that water can not penetrate – absolutely get. There are also so-called mobile garages, as in tents waterproof coated fabric with taped seams, which can be pulled over the entire hanger, when it is not moved. Here again there is a strong buy recommendation, to protect the interior from water trailer. Water in the child carrier is very annoying. Our Chariot Captain XL we have extra need to drill holes in the solid bottom pan to drain water that has penetrated can again.

For child seats are offered so-called rain capes. We use one of Hock and can highly recommend it. It covers during the journey, the feet and also remains in the seat, if a child sitting on it. Thus, the pads stay dry.

The saddle on the front seat of our children get a cheap raincoat.

Wellies are on a cycling trip with children required! And you need to not only rain, but also in the morning when the grass is still wet.


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