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When there ist sun

Nice weather is one thing. When the sun and heat plaguing the cyclists only helps a wise daily planning.

Think definitely to ordinary sun protection for children. The children in the trailer sitting children have there best since the foliation of the most followers are UV-filter. Sit the children already on the car seat, you can also tinker a sunroof.

On hot days, to cycle, not during the day. It is advisable for cyclists with small children, to deviate from the normal daily schedule and to reach within 12 clock the site for the camp, judging by experience, is cooler again only from 17 clock, and then one has to go to a warm day hardly fancy another 20 km. On such days, it makes sense in the morning to tidy up the pace, maybe even skipping breakfast and the children only to press a sandwich or an apple in his hand.

When using the small a nap: That was good because then Mom and Dad have the afternoon for themselves. Would not sleep the children, then ye must consider something. Then it would be good if there was a pond near or a little stream. A walk in the cool forest is also very good with young children.


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