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Day planning on a bicycle voyage with children

Children are on a cycling tour, so to speak, the "icing on the cake." Whether on a trailer, on the child seat or on your own bike, they determine where to go. Daily planning Goodbye now thinks the avid cyclists, but with a few little tricks can also cope with young children long distances without stress: specifically for parents and children.

Daily Planning

The so-called kingdom of Wolfgang 2/3 rule, which says that you should have made it to the lunch (eat) 2/3 of the distance, you can forget about having children in bicycle tours. The daily stages are too short for that one could comply with such requirements. When you find a great resting place at half past eleven, take the course. If one were to go by, the kids nag five kilometers farther for food, and then it's unlikely to find a similar break point.

Morning departure

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, cooking together in the evening is certainly not to be despised. But without muesli, porridge or bread in the morning should not begin the day. Whether you have breakfast right after waking up or not until after everything is packed, of course, every family itself often determined growl but with the youngsters immediately after waking up the stomachs. So it is recommended that you schedule at least half an hour in the morning for a hearty breakfast without rushing. If the weather permits, this course happen in the open, because with a nice view bread and jam or chocolate muesli finally taste the same again as well and hopefully sunny start to the day is the easier.

Experiments concerning the Frühstücksguts should avoid. Children love adventure, but please not at the very first day on the breakfast table. So just do not forget your favorite spoon or the Spongebob-boards. After a few days acclimatization course you can also try something new.

Once awake and abgefrühstückt can leave the children safely to the area, they will find something to play with, run after a cat, go to the campground with the wheel, play ball, or snuggle with their parents still. For a few minutes in the warm sleeping bags The latter is particularly useful if the weather takes a little longer in the morning again.

Whether packing up all together or one of them grabs the kids busy while the other, found themselves out of a rhythm develops all by itself. Younger children should have stopped to help you, then pride is the tarp stuffed into the bag, washed and water poured into the bottles.

For the morning ritual of getting up, breakfast and pack together can safely two hours schedule. Depending on how much attention the young need if he thus can deal alone, while the adults all on and pack up, or whether the children their things already can wrap itself, or pack if only an adult can while the other is the children must attend, depending does one morning faster, or maybe not.

On the way

After the grass has been studied for the last time on hair clips, pacifier and refuse it finally starts. And then: "I'm hungry!" Annoyed, the mother rolls her eyes while the father zetert: "If you had your breakfast time ..."

The mother of the handlebar bag conjures forth a prepared sandwiches for the hungry remained helpers that make it now comfortably on the family bike, and the first few minutes makes cycling now placid. However, once the last crumbs are plastered, it should be exciting. A castle, a place or a preferred large wild animal should cross the path of the cycling ends, so that the day begins excitingly.

The daily rhythm is marked later in the day with more food breaks, Eispausen, swimming breaks, shopping breaks, pee breaks, etc. Everyone should come during the day at his expense. There is also a need that every once dispensed. Even if it is so interesting: there need not be any museum. Sometimes it's nice to have an attraction to deliberately drive past to pick it up for the next time. You should also always keep in mind still manageable distance. Breaks are important and necessary, but it should also be plenty of time to stay in the evening for cooking, washing and reading. So when against 15 clock emerged that 50 km are still too many, then you should look around quickly for someplace alternative, because especially toward evening tilt strength and energy to the end.

On the square

Between 16 and 18 clock, the aim should be with children at least reached. Then it goes out to find a suitable place where you can build the tent. This should be done quickly and then filled. The weather often changes faster than expected and it's nice when you can crawl into the cozy home.

The children will find everything they need in place: rocks, snails, ideally, any source of water (sea, lake, puddle, pump). Older children may want to employment etc. brought music playback media . use For younger children, however, satisfy a bucket and a shovel. Not to do a plastic bag and a spoon, plus a few stones, a little water and thats the mud pools. Parents now have enough time to cook, write cards, feet up. Now is also a good time for the minimal maintenance of bicycles, so lubricate chain and short check tires, brakes, bolts and spokes.

If the tent is set up, the time has come for personal care. A brief shower works wonders! Very small children can swim in the brought folding bowl – great fun.
If you weight reasons, only one or two things to change, then now is the time to come for clothes washing.

Who cooks dinner or if one really wants to cook decides course each family individually. A common meal in the evening has the advantage that you can interact throughout the day and the experience, while the body is pleased with a hot meal. Best of all, the course is in good weather around the campfire, where, when the little peaceful slumber in a tent and later for the parents may still develop the infamous campfire.

After supper, a common evening ritual be granted. Younger children enjoy most, being read or again to discuss exciting events of the day. Once the kids are asleep can now once again the lamp or candle will be unpacked and with a nice cup of tea or a bottle of beer now let the big end of the day. Brought Alcohol should be consumed in moderation and it is recommended to increase by no later than midnight on the sleeping bags, because the days start out usually very early and sleep deprivation on time means no fun.

Rest days

The route planning should allow one day per week for a rest day air. When the weather is dry it can be fine washed laundry, while the nearby attractions closer look. Even an entire day at the beach may be launched. Children also enjoy time on it, not to ride a bike, so offering the day off as a day of hiking. "Day off" should not be taken too literally, it actually means only "day bike ride free".

If you own a GPS device (GPS orienteering) mitnehmt, then you can also spend days off in other ways. By Finding Geo Caches These are small hiding places, particularly children whose search is fun, keyword: treasure hunt. The coordinates of the cache you can download before the Tour from on your GPS device.


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