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Preparation of a cycling voyage

The preparation of a cycling trip with children has great influence on the daily routine. It commands its own security reasons, use only properly functioning technology (rickety bike with a lot of luggage on to busy road). When the daily planning various lists with addresses and phone numbers of tourist offices, playgrounds, etc. help


While the cyclists without children takes a pair brake shoes to the start of the journey to not completely consumed jaws move exchange, it is recommended for cyclists with children to do all these things before. All material should be in good condition and able to withstand the planned duration.


Worried you vern├╝nftiges maps of your destination.

We have always liked an overview map, scale 1: 500,000 or 1: 1,000,000 in luggage. This facilitates the rough planning of the tour, both at home and away. In addition, we always have detailed maps in scale 1: 100,000 there.

We get our maps in the Geobuchhandlung in Kiel.


We actually recommend only the best of the web Velbinger-Verlag. The website is indeed crap, but the books are good.

Other data

It is always useful to have a list of all camping and campgrounds Target area dabeizuhaben, ie address, phone number, etc. The features of the campsites plays a subordinate role, because if necessary (it's pouring) anyway the next takes place with children and not just continue to drive another 10 miles.

On the way one always has questions, and then a list of tourist offices with phone numbers and address important. Also, a list of Internet cafes can not hurt. Organize in advance are hardly the places where there are playgrounds, although this information is very important with (young) children. This is a clear advantage for a GPS, for some free digital maps have seen playgrounds.

A list of the addresses and phone numbers of bicycle shops and workshops can certainly do no harm. Of interest could also outdoor and trekking shops be where you can get any Erstatz for broken equipment.

For the worst case, it is good to not only dabeihat directly located along the way putting away, but still well equipped, is when you have to take a detour or for whatever reason, go one separates to change the route.

GPS, digital data

If you want to take a GPS device (Cycling with GPS) is to prepare the following:

Always remember: GPS devices are current-eater. The power consumption of the legally viable Garmin Oregon series is about one watt per hour. See our tips for energy.


We have met many people on the road, which have declined in all possible parts of the equipment available, just not on the phone. Probably nothing happened anyway, but to be able to call someone in an emergency is already a large (perceived) security.

By the EU pushed open the cell phone providers roaming tariffs have now led to the sending of an SMS from abroad is cheaper than from the domestic market. Phone calls are not as expensive, so you to make phone calls and writing text messages in the (European) countries do without a SIM card from a local provider can. From Germany, SIM cards are not going to get anyway. Therefore there is no need any preparation.

Depending on the length of your tour you should definitely worry about it, however, as it provides the phone's power. Phones from Sony Ericson as want can be loaded via USB only very reluctantly. Previously to try and possibly buy a cheap Nokia for the tour. See also energy.


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