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River Elbe Cycle Route in Czech Republic

Elbe Cycle Route in Czech Republic Since we had already seen a bit of the route last year we decided to follow the upper course of the river at Whitsun. We went from Hostinné – Hradec Králové – Kutná Hora – Kolín – Mělník – Litoměřice – Děčín – to Bad Schandau.

The map

Key figures

Tage: 14
Kilometer: 475
Höhenmeter: 2.300

Hostinné, Hradec Králové, Kutná Hora, Kolín, Mĕlník, Litomĕřice, Dĕčín, Bad Schandau

Not customer-friendly purchasing the tickets

We bought on the Internet ticket to Prague. Since this is an international connection, the web is online unable to issue tickets bicycle. This one has to buy more manually at the ticket counter.

Then there came to the following Konstallation: While we have tickets for us and the kids and a corresponding number of seat reservations, but there was now no parking for bicycles. Since this is an online ticket, the same can return only on request, with a processing fee, etc. The lady at the counter said that the transport of persons and the wheels were different services, and if this would be a not work, then you could the other not simply resign. We see this a little differently: what are we in Prague without luggage and equipment? After three quarters of an hour we get new tickets with new reservations and cycling maps on the switch. Whether we get back the € 50 for the first ticket, is currently in the stars. I am beginning to understand the people that they prefer to drive car and not by train.

[Update] In the meanwhile, we have received some of the money from the web. They comped us the full fare without a service fee. On the reservation fees, we are however remained seated. [/Update]

Praha (Prague)

By train so we are first moved to Prague. Prague is an amazing city – totally overrun by tourists from all over the world – but beautiful. If we are away on a trip without children and without a bike, then make sure to Prague.

Daily cycling is none in Prague. There are no bike lanes, we have seen exactly three daily cycling. For traveling in Prague by bike, takes time because you drive on the sidewalks when a life is sweet. Lowered curbs we have not found, and so we have tortured us with our loaded bikes and the Bob-trailer about 20 cm high curbs.

There are hardly any cycle paths, people use the sidewalk.

There are hardly any cycle paths, people use the sidewalk.

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All the campsites of Prague next to each other, in principle, it is for the courts to small private properties, whose owners leave the camper in their back garden.

Sněžka (Snow Mountain)

The following day we took the train to Czech Trutnov further down. The trip took three hours. Trutnov located in the undulating foothills of the Giant Mountains, the Sněžka (Snow Mountain), with 1602 meters the highest mountain in the Czech Republic is only a stone's throw away. We sleep in the Dolce Camp. The season is not opened yet, and so there are no hot showers. Not be entirely true, we would go to the house with the number 21 and can shower there. Unfortunately hung in the reception no list, indicating new guests out.

Trutnov our actual bike tour begins at the Elbe Cycle Path in the Czech Republic. What we have seen, can be found in our gallery on the page.

What the Czechs like

The Czechs love their cars. Each motorable road is also busy. In spite of the comparable fuel prices in Germany everyone has a car and drives it around also. The gap between rich and poor is most evident on the streets. There are relatively many gas-guzzling Q7, X3 and Tuareg monster, on the other hand, one wonders, that the majority of the other vehicle from the Soviet era at all is still roadworthy. Cycling on czechia roads is dangerous. A minimum distance when overtaking and the car in front, it does not seem to exist, everyone goes the motto: "It will fits". We strongly recommend bringing a pennant, and the cross on the back to attach panniers. We have had good experiences in Denmark.

Czechs like smokeing. What's everyone's own thing, in principle, is the food going to the problem. Smoke-free restaurants and pubs: None. Outside seating is so hip.

Czechs like fishing . No pool, no piece of same, that is not already "occupied" by anglers. At the points where the Elbe cycle path is paved, crystallized the trend sport in the Czech Republic out: inline skating.

Czechs love Beer. We also. Of beer in the Czech Republic to get truly not over. So is it also Heiko, our non-beer drinkers, changed the face of the good availability and palatability of Pilsener Urquell the other camp. Times change, we can hardly believe it. On each of the larger campsites there are of course a pub – unthinkable in Germany we were there filled without difficulty for consumption in a tent (or other) PET bottle with the cool blonde. beer has become one of the favorite words of Well, now we do not find that bad :-)

The River Elbe Cycle Route

The same cycle is varied. In every respect. Granted, we were a bit unlucky with the weather, we had rain every day, but usually only at night, or afternoon, or morning, could have been worse. But because many roads were very soggy, which sticks like Sch ... as you can see in the pictures.

The route of the Elbe Cycle Route runs in the Czech Republic in the first period mostly on paved roads. Pardubice from the Elbe is navigable, quite often from now on, the route follows the old towpaths on the banks, which are hardly developed. This means that large puddles, mud, narrow paths, which requires skill and driving skills, especially with good tires neat profile. Each daily plan is a farce, not once we arrived by 20 clock in place. But that also means pure solitude, peace and riverscape. There are some hills to deal with while crisp, no trace of monotony.

... but scenic

The "... but scenic" Claudia necessarily have wanted to in the text. This distinguishes the Elbe Cycle. We are already looking forward to the next time, but then we want flußauwärts from Dresden, then to the source in the Giant Mountains.


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